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About the founder

Marek Niedzwiedz is the founder of Mar-Pro Invest Holding – a group of companies trading in various types of industries – accountancy, logistics and commercial properties.

Marek has brought into Rotherham over 500 companies that use a Rotherham postcode and pay taxes as Rotherham based businesses. He is a regional committee member and treasurer at Federation of Small Businesses. Marek is also a representative on the Rotherham Together Partnership – the accredited local strategic partnership. Along with FSB he organises the national event called Anglo-Polish Conference, where more than a hundred of business people from around Europe attend ( Many of them invest in the Region and across the UK.
Co-author of the book “Prawo w e-biznesie” (Eng. “E-business law”) and a lecturer at “Kozminski University” in Warsaw.

Should you wish to contact Marek or our customer service team, please go to the contact page.